Are you

ready for a rebrand?

Do you look at your existing logo and graphics


and think
I don’t want to look at it…


You hesitate to share your FB page or your website because…
…just erMAHgerd…

or even

“This is so BORING, no wonder people don’t want to work with me. It doesn’t feel like me, my work is so much bigger than this!”


If you’ve said any of those things, JOIN ME for this free webinar “Are you ready for a rebrand?”


10th April, 11:30am Sydney time


Because not all situations need a total rebrand.
Rebranding can be a big commitment of time and/or money
(not to mention it can alienate your existing audience)
And there can be other quicker/cheaper/faster ways to zhush up your business


A rebrand can be the best thing that’s happened to your business. It can bring everything into alignment, create new raving fans, and boost your bottom line.

Let’s find out what’s right for YOU.


We’ll go through things like:

– the 5 key questions to ask before you commit to a rebrand

– how to avoid the pitfalls of rebranding

– how to choose the right designer for you – even if  you have no idea how to explain what you want (true!)

And heaps more.


Come along LIVE and ask your questions!!

(And YES there’ll be a replay if you can’t make it live)

a list of resources to ensure your website performs at optimum
a list of resources to ensure your website performs at optimum

Branding & websites for holistic business