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I’m naturally



I love learning about people and the world around us. Nature is a constant inspiration, with its endless variety, organic patterns, attention to detail, and the way it has sorted itself into highly functioning, flexible systems.

The thing about nature is that it doesn’t get caught up in attracting what it doesn’t need. While there is complexity to balance in nature, the underlying concept is simple: Do your own thing, so you attract the right audience.

I apply the same principle to all my own work.


= Brand + Handiwork

It’s no surprise that my curiosity has led me through life along a meandering path.

I’ve been a jeweller, a coder, and a teacher. I’m a painter, a silversmith, a textile enthusiast, and a pattern designer.

I am a mother, a lover, and an explorer. I’ve travelled to 17 countries (and counting!) to satisfy my thirst for adventure.

Each phase of my life has brought me great lessons that I incorporate throughout my personal endeavours, as well as infuse into my business.


When people asked me as a child,
‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’,

it would throw me into a spin, thinking about all the possibilities there were to choose from. I wanted to be everything; not confined by a label or stuffed into a box.

Now, people often wonder how #AllTheThings I’ve learned go together. And THAT is exactly what I do.

I am a dedicated observer and a deep listener. I intuit a LOT about you and your business from what you say, how you present yourself, and what you tell me about your audience.


I use my 30+ years of design experience

and eclectic collection of skills
to weave all the different threads of the brand identity you articulate to me

(and don’t articulate!)

with the vision you have for the future of your brand –


– together into a seamless visual representation of YOU and your beautiful business.

I have a profound appreciation for the things I’ve learnt, because it means I do what I do, beautifully.

Let’s transform the visual energy of your business to attract the RIGHT people.

“OMG. I have tears running down my face. My website is bloody beautiful!”

Delaney van Baalen

“Julie really knows her stuff. She summarised my personality and the branding that suited me, without me having a clue. Thank you Julie for all your help!”

Kay L Bayly

“If you want someone who is bursting with creativity, a good listener who actually gives you what you asked for but also better than you thought possible, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, then Julie is the one for you. You will not be disappointed and what she creates for you will blow you away”

Danina Scrivenor

The Futurist Psychic

“Julie helped me with the rebranding of my business. During our consultation she listened intently & asked questions to understand my business. She then created a stunning colour palette along with designing of my logo. Thank you Julie, your depth of knowledge is incredible.”

Gail Abra

TFT & EFT Practitioner

“Julie has such an amazing eye and has helped some of my images go from meh to fabulous. And she’s made it fun!! She’s my kinda lady and I highly recommend her.”

Medha Murtagh

“Very easy to talk to and created the most gorgeous concepts first up – Julie just heard what I wanted and came back with awesomeness!”

Belinda White

“Julie is my go-to designer – I wouldn’t have beautiful freebies for my health writing and nutrition clients without her help! Highly recommend her if you want gorgeous branding and graphics for any biz.”

Sam Gemmell

Health & wellness writer at

Branding and website design, Wagga Wagga, NSW (and around the world!)

Are you near me? I’d love to meet! Let me know, and we’ll sort a cuppa!

Let me help you transform your business.

Attract the RIGHT people,
do your best work, and get paid for it.