branding for solopreneurs – brand design & strategy, logo design, and graphics portfolio

Welcome to my branding portfolio page.


Design is my first love.

So, your branding will always be beautiful, and crafted with care.


But there’s strategy too.

Because prettiness without a solid business strategy is a waste. That’s why during the design process, I will dig into who you are and what’s in your audience’s heads. I will guide you on how to convey your vision to fit with what your audience is looking for, so we can create a brand that clearly speaks with YOUR voice, exceeds your target market’s expectations,  and lets them know –
you’re the one for them.

I have a separate portfolio page for my website design and builds, which you can find HERE.


Here’s just a taster of my fave branding projects. Click on each thumbnail to see the full project – including background information and the final branding suite.

Branding projects


Posture, Movement, and PT

Kay Bayly

EFT & Money Mindset

Logo design for Sona Sood - Ayurvedic Practitioner

Sona Sood

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Branding for Solopreneurs - logo design for Lynn Hord - Copywriting and Copy Strategy

Lynn Hord

Copywriting, coaching, & strategy

Carefree Counsel

Law for businesses that don’t fit in boxes

Julie Weir

Esoteric Numerology & Communication

Capital Bookkeeping, Financials & Business

Bookkeeping & business strategy

Appy Connections

Technology for the disability sector

Danina Scrivenor

The Futurist Psychic

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“If you want someone who is bursting with creativity, a good listener who actually gives you what you asked for but also better than you thought possible, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, then Julie is the one for you. You will not be disappointed and what she creates for you will blow you away”

Danina Scrivenor

The Futurist Psychic

Graphics & Illustration

Having all your brand elements together – colours, fonts, logo – is only part of the job.


You need to IMPLEMENT your brand elements in a way that amplifies your voice, by creating graphics that speak to your audience directly and clearly.


I’m here to help you do just that.

I can assist with any graphics your business needs – from social media post templates, Powerpoint slide sets, PDF layouts for your next ebook – or even t-shirt design.

Custom illustrations will help you build something distinctive that truly sets you apart from your competitors. These can be as simple as a set of icons, to much more complex illustrations with layers, textures, patterns, and more.

Social media templates

Business cards

T-shirt design

Illustration – vector

Ashleigh Rae
NDIS/neurodivergency services

We created a series of illustrations to assist neurodivergent people with their travel arrangements

Illustration – vector

Emma Turton
Medical Intuitive

Emma needed to illustrate the interconnectedness of the physical systems of the body (including skeletal, nervous, circulatory) and the energetic

Illustration – vector

Stasha Washburn
Period Coaching School

This Coat of Arms is one of my most favourite projects, as EVERY element of the shield has deep significance to Stasha and her School – the red bird, acanthus leaves, sword, flowing lines, book, blood droplet, and the white flower in the middle.

“Julie really knows her stuff. She summarised my personality and the branding that suited me, without me having a clue. Thank you Julie for all your help!”

Kay Bayly

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