Website Review

Are you baffled by the backend of your site?

Does the thought of integrating your opt-in or your booking calendar feel a teensy bit terrifying?

Or are you suffering from website shame – you don’t like how your site looks and hesitate to send potential customers there even when they ask you about it?

Tech, design, or systems – book a session with me and we’ll work on it. Whatever your website needs.


Do you need a website review? Your visitors are so much more demanding these days – just having a site does not guarantee visits, or sales. Your site needs to work smoothly, and it needs to supply EXACTLY what your audience is looking for. This consult will help you deliver exactly that.


Do you need a website review?

Have you been spending hours on Google trying to figure out the tech AND website design AND the marketing AND  everything else? But the more you see the more confused you get...

Spent hours looking at other people's sites and walking away confused, feeling "not-good-enough", or just plain envious - and not sure how to change your own site to get the look you want?

I hear you! I see you.
Rest assured, creating a great site is not magic - it's logic, with a splash of good design (which is also based in logic, and in understanding what your audience is looking for).

Let's cut the ifs, buts, maybes, and follow-this-trend - let's get you clarity instead.

These 60-minute 1:1 consults can be used for tech AND for design. If you need tech help, I'll talk you through how to do the things while you do them, hands-on. If you need design help, we'll talk through your target market and what they want, and together we'll implement design changes on your site, hands-on.

Systems too. Need to integrate your booking system? an e-commerce solution? We'll talk through what works best for your needs and implement it on your site.

Building a site is strategic; you need to connect with your RIGHT people in the right way. Let me help you put the pieces together.

You walk away with clarity around your audience and what they're looking for, and the tech know-how.

And a beautiful website.

Grab your 1-hour spot and I'll see you soon!


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