Branding well makes you money.

How? Isn’t it just about making things prettier? If you’ve hung around me for more than two minutes, you’ll know the answer to this is a resounding NO.   Excellence in branding is built on purpose, and understands its ideal audience thoroughly. Because just as music conveys a mood, so too do all the elements of your brand. And people respond to that instinctively – beyond the logic of merely fixing the problem they have. We’re human, we respond to things emotively. And branding is about communicating the exact feeling that resonates with the ideal client and what they want to achieve.

Here’s 11 excellent reasons why/how investing in good branding will absolutely more than pay for itself, many times over.


Because good branding projects EXACTLY what’s in your audiences head when they go looking for the thing they need.

Good branding is built on being utterly familiar with your ideal client – understanding where they’ve come from and what they’re looking for. This means you’re ideally placed to bridge that gap for them. But beyond being ideally placed, good branding successfully conveys you understand them, and also conveys that you can get them where they want to go. And when you project that, the sale is all but done.

Strong branding and consistency in using it creates memorability.

Memorability means you’re top of mind when people go looking for the thing you offer. On average, 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand. This process is MUCH faster when your brand is strong (and much, much slower if the branding is weak or non-existent) – when it stands out from the crowd by being clear about exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Good branding makes it easy (Reason 1)

When you have all your visual assets together and your brand keywords, you know exactly how to present yourself every time. No more decision fatigue about what to put where, what colour to use or which font to pick!

Good branding makes it easy (Reason 2)

Beyond saving YOU time when you’re creating content, having strong, documented brand guidelines (not only colours, fonts, image style, logo etc, but also guidelines on graphic layout), means you can easily outsource without having to explain how you want things to look every time. Just give your VA a copy of your Brand Style Guide document and they’ll produce exactly what you need.

Good branding stops buyer confusion

On the flip side of consistency, changing the way you look every time creates confusion in your audience’s mind. CONFUSED CUSTOMERS DON’T BUY.

Good branding feels ALIGNED

When your branding feels exactly right to you – when it projects your values and your personality, then you love using it. Which in turn means you put yourself out there much more often.  Conversely, branding that you don’t love will make you hesitate to promote what you have because it doesn’t feel right. That energy shows – meaning you’re WAY less magnetic to your audience.

Good branding helps you do your best work

If your business is anything to do with holistic wellness, if you do deep work 1:1 with people – working with the right people is an absolute joy and privilege and where you do your best work – so drawing the right people to you and having that alignment is VITAL to getting the best results.

Good branding turns away the audience that is wrong for you

Working with the wrong people can really suck the energy out of you, so it makes sense to help them self-sort before they get to you so you don’t waste your time with them (and your energy!).

You don’t want to work with people who are difficult and who are not prepared to fulfil their part of the bargain. You don’t want to work with people who aren’t ready for what you have to offer, or don’t align with your world view. So turning them away before they even get to you saves you time in answering unnecessary questions, emails, phone calls – or having to deal with them at all.

Good branding delivers on its promise and results in happy customers.

When you thoroughly understand your audience and what they need, you can help them better. You feel great about giving them exactly the help they require, and they walk away thrilled with your service and spread the word!  That’s a win-win. And word of mouth is THE best marketing ever.

Good branding has longevity.

Good branding incorporates a strategic vision for the future. A brand that is built with vision has longevity. No more reinventing yourself/your brand every two minutes. Digging deep and doing it properly the first time means you don’t have to spend money again a year later when you realise you’ve been a bit slap-dash in your assessment of your target market and what they think.

Good branding results in greater profitability

When you’ve built a great brand (and delivered on your brand promise with a great service or product that your audience loves), then you can increase your prices in line with your audience demand. Higher prices mean bigger profits.

Good branding results in customer loyalty.

Great branding and delivering on that brand promise means you’ll get return customers. And when you do, that means you’ll also need to spend MUCH less on marketing to cold audiences. Customer loyalty is GOLD.


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how you present yourself has a huge impact on who is attracted to your business. Making your branding count
how you present yourself has a huge impact on who is attracted to your business. Making your branding count