Branding overhaul package for established businesses


Specifically for established businesses, the Overhaul Package will bring your whole brand into alignment

When you’ve been in business for a little while, your assets start to get a bit scattered – your branding and graphics style shifts over time. And this means your whole brand is diluted – it’s not beaming out who you are, strong and loud.

This package is a combination of us working 1:1 via Zoom to assess your assets, and a pack of ad hoc hours that you can use for anything – website changes, creating graphics, updating existing assets such as ebooks or presentations, or tech support with your mail or booking systems.

The Branding Overhaul package will take your established business next-level.

Because over time, your business had shifted and grown, just as you have shifted and grown - and you've got some great assets that no longer reflect your vision. Your website, your social media, your ebooks and worksheets, your powerpoint backgrounds... the list goes on.

Your VISION is what draws people to you - but if it's not projected and amplified by what you surround yourself with - then your message is diluted.

This Overhaul package will lift all that.
We revisit your brand and ensure it's beaming out who you are.

Then, we triage your key business assets - we'll pinpoint where we can make maximum impact to skyrocket your visibility.

And we'll work through it. Your website, your social media graphics, and more.


What's involved?

  • 30-minute 1:1 to talk through your business and brand, and pinpoint what your key areas are for reinvigorating.
  • 6 hours of my ad hoc time, to work through those key assets and update them with fresh design and expertise.


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