Custom Brand Style Guide and Logo package

The Brand Style Guide + Logo package starts with an in-depth investigation of your business, its aims, your target market and your long-term view, all of which is then translated into visuals that are beautifully aligned with your audience and with the future of your business.


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What's included in your Brand Style Guide + Logo package, and the order in which they're carried out -

1. 60-minute in-depth interview to talk through your target market, your personality and your business brand persona
2. draft and review process to create a brand mood board (a collection of images and colours that encapsulate what you want your brand to feel like)
3. draft and review process to create a 1-page summary of your brand, including the visual elements - brand keywords, colours, fonts, image style
4. draft and review process to create your logo. Your logo is a succinct visual representation of what your brand stands for, and needs to encapsulate those qualities and feelings.
5. The full Brand Style Guide reference document - this is presented as a PDF, and includes a written summary of your business and its aims, your target market, and a guide to usage for your brand elements, as well as a printable 1-page visual summary of your brand elements (colours, fonts, etc). The guide to usage includes a sample pack of layouts for branded graphics created for you in Canva (such as those used for social media).

It's very important to me that you're happy with the final designs. For this reason, there are up to two rounds of draft and review to give the final designs for each stage (mood board, brand style guide, and logo).


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