Social media Graphics pack


The Social Media Graphics pack is for you if you already have your logo, colours, and fonts, and feel like you need some expertise to make it all sing!

This Social Media Graphics Pack is aimed at helping you get over "the hump". What's the hump?

It's not feeling the love for your current graphics and how you appear on social media.
Not feeling it truly conveys who you are.
Not feeling like you want to share - and more...

Because even when you DO love your branding elements - there are almost endless ways to put them together. And if you've been DIYing until now - there's a risk that they're not looking as fab as they might.

It's like putting together the ingredients of a cake. If you ask the first-year apprentice to bake a cake, you'll probably get something edible. But, when you ask a Michelin-starred chef to make a cake... they'll likely create something that exceeds your wildest expectations.

So let's do that!

My 3 decades of design experience will help YOU look your best.
Will help you connect with your audience.
Will help you project exactly who you are and how you work.

Because as much as we all love Canva - there are limits to what you can do, if you don't have that design knowledge to back you up.

Work with me and we'll fix that!

The Social media template pack includes  6 x post templates, plus banner template for your chosen platform (eg. Facebook), using your branding elements that you supply to me.

You walk away knowing your graphics will grab the attention of your ideal audience, because they are totally in alignment with your vision for your business.
Fresh, professional graphics you will LOVE to share.

(And, if you need help with your branding, check out my packages HERE.)


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